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Harrison Hot Springs

Situated on the southern end of the glacial-fed Harrison Lake, the largest lake in the southern Coast Mountains of Canada, Harrison Hot Springs is a year-round vacation destination. Hot springs (obviously), lots of hiking, plenty of great food – it really is the most wonderful family getaway destination. Plus did we mention hot springs? Hello relaxation!

Our short term rental and vacation accommodations, with 24/7 support at your service, offer the perfect place to enhance that hot-springs-induced stress-free feeling.

Quiet Lakefront Getaway

Located in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. This one bed, one bath apartment offers visitors exceptionable value. A truly family-friendly vibe with board games, Netflix and fast WiFi. The property features a 43" 4K SmartTV, a comfortable queen-sized bed, pullout couch, and all the basic essentials you would expect at home.

Visit Harrison

Beach Days

Sit back, read a book, and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.


Many world class golf courses surround this lakeside community. Bring your clubs and go for a round.


Hundreds of marked hiking trails have been developed and maintained to help you connect with mother nature.


As the largest lake in the southern coast of British Columbia it offers an incredible boating experience.

Come for the Hot Springs, stay for the lifestyle! Harrison Hot Springs is obviously, first and foremost, about the hot springs. The healing hot mineral waters here were revered as the “healing place” by the local Sts'ailes First Nations for thousands of years, long before they were ‘found’ by Europeans in the 1800’s. As for that discovery, the story goes that a group of gold miners were enroute to the gold fields in 1858. Half frozen and exhausted, one miner is said to have fallen into the water. Finding himself neck deep in gloriously warm waters, his fellow miners soon joined him. Hop in yourself to see why!

Harrison Hot Springs: Open year-round, there are two hot springs in the area: Potash and Sulphur which are 40ºC (120º F) and 62ºC (145ºF) respectively. The water is pumped from the springs and cooled to provide an indoor public mineral hot springs pool that visitors can enjoy at 38ºC (100º F). Along with offering relief from aching, overworked muscles from sports activities, the pools are said to bring relief from rheumatism and arthritis. This truly is a getaway for everyone!

Get Active – in all Four Seasons: Harrison Hot Springs is undoubtedly a four-season playground! Hiking, biking, skiing, golfing and more… the best part of doing all this activity here is, you guessed it, the chance to heal sore muscles in the hot springs afterwards.

Harrison’s Floating Waterpark: For the ultimate summer adventure, check out Harrison’s version of the TV show ‘Wipeout’. Fun with a capital F.

Events & Festivals

Hot springs and outdoors life can certainly work up an appetite. Fortunately there’s plenty of good, fresh, local fodder to satisfy whatever you’re craving. Also, there’s a chocolate factory. Just saying.

Eat & Drink


The Harrison Hot Springs pools are open year-round, and as anyone who’s taken a dip in the middle of winter can tell you, nothing beats a steamy dip in snowy surrounds. That said, the world-renowned healing properties of ‘taking the waters’ here are, well, positively healing any time of year! So come in Spring, Summer and Fall too. Harrison Hot Springs is also a fabulous summer resort community offering beautiful sandy beaches along with picturesque parks, swimming areas, playgrounds and a wide variety of water activities. There’s something ‘healing’ to do here in every season.

Harrison Hot Springs is one of the few places in the world where you may actually spot a Sasquatch! The word Sasquatch itself is thought to be a mispronunciation of the Sts’ailes First Nations word ‘Sasq’ets’, meaning ‘hairy man’, so it makes sense that if ever there was a place you were going to spot one it would be here! Local lore says the Sasquatch hold a reunion in this region every four years, beginning on the night of the full moon in July. For four nights the Sasquatch will meet and play, during which time they keep signal fires burning to invite more Sasquatch to join them. 1940 is the last year fires were seen burning, but there have been other reported Sasquatch sightings in Harrison Hot Springs as recent as 2009.

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