The British Columbia Bucket List

The combination of the ocean, mountains, urban and rural environments, coupled with mid weather and an easy-going West Coast culture has earned British Columbia the reputation of Canada’s playground for all ages. A bucket list is a “number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime”. Naturally, BC hosts many tourist attractions and activities that you will want to experience before you die. Below are our top British Columbia Bucket List items!

Dog Sledding a Scenic Winter Landscape

Starting our list of the Lifty Life British Columbia Bucket List is dog sledding in one of BC’s most scenic winter regions. Who doesn’t like the idea of being pulled across a winter wonderland by a pack of adorable huskies? There a number of companies offering dog sledding tours in different resort communities throughout BC.


Jet-Skiing at Harrison Hot Springs

BC has lots of different lakes that offer jet-skis, see-doos, and speed boat rentals; plus there are rental companies operating in the Pacific Ocean. Personally, I prefer swimming in freshwater lakes over the ocean.

In August 2020, I crossed riding a sea-doo off my bucket list at Harrison Hot Springs. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was remarkably warm. I was surprised how easy the sea-doos were to handle, and I managed to get up to 93 km per hour.

Harrison Watersports offers sea-doo rentals starting at $85, plus a $35 fuel charge, and $1000 deposit.

Ziplining in Whistler

Slide from tree-top platform to platform while hanging from an overhead wire. Take in the stunning wild mountain sights from a birds’ eye view. TAG’s main zip line is one kilometer long, up to 500 feet tall, and reaching 100 km per hour, making it Canada’s longest and most exhilarating zipline. CA$154.99

Snowmobiling in Whistler

Whistler is known for world-class skiing and snowboarding. But given the price of rentals and day lift passes, I think that snowmobiling is an exciting and surprisingly affordable alternative. Plus doubling on a snowmobile is the most fun you can have with a girl and your snow pants. Beginner guided tours are about 2 hours (afternoon rides allow lots of time to recover from the Whistler nightlife) start at about $190.

Whale Watching in Ucluelet

Ucluelet is a small fishing and eco/adventure tourism town south of Tofino. It has surfing, great seafood, and a bunch of whale-watching tour operators. I have never been whale watching (it is still on my bucket list) so I don’t have a recommended operator. If you can’t make it to Ucluelet, you can go Whale Watching closer to Vancouver.

Whale watching