The Best Restaurants in Harrison Hot Springs

We have spent countless hours researching (eating) and sampling (drinking plenty of beer and wine) to determine the best of the best restaurants in Harrison Hot Springs, BC! This is a job we take very seriously; Harrison Hot Springs needs to feed hunger Sasquatchs after all! Here is our list of the best Harrison Hot Springs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and places to eat.

Harrison Hot Springs Sasquatch

Muddy Waters Café

Muddy Water takes the center stage as the best coffee shop in Harrison Hot Springs. This is not just your standard run-of-the-mill coffee shop. Muddy Waters believes in sourcing all of its ingredients within a 100 mile radius to ensure it has local and fresh products everyday. The staff are wonderful and the coffee is divine!

Milos Greek Taverna

Milos Taverna is one of Harrison Hot Springs newest editions. The entire building has undergone extensive renovations over the last year. The location simply cannot be beat. This two story restaurant has a ground floor open concept dining area with a large rooftop terrace and additional seating inside. The overall atmosphere is bouncing with energy. Truly a must see in Harrison Hot Springs.

Old Settlers Pub

Old Settlers Pub is easily accessible from Hot Springs Road and is built from beautiful BC logs. The interior is a casual pub experience with a diverse menu with something for everyone. The server was excellent and extremely attentive.

The Copper Room

Copper Room is one of top dine n’ dance establishments in western Canada. This fantastic restaurant is apart of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. With a fairly relaxed dress code, a reputation for having fantastic live music it is no surprise why this fine dining experience is highly regarded.

Black Forest Steak & Schnitzel

Black Forest is one of the longest lasting and highly respected restaurants on Harrison lake. Since 1975 they have remained a family operated restaurant overlooking the lake. Black Forest effortlessly balances casual yet fine dining with German style cuisine. An absolute must for every food enthusiast.

Morgans Bistro

Morgans Bistro ranks #1 as the best restaurant in Harrison Hot Springs. The fresh ingredients, artistic plating, genuine and friendly service, and top-shelf drink list created the perfect lake-side dining experience we all dream of. This might just be the most underrated restaurant in the Fraser Valley.

Lots of amazing restaurants didn’t get added to this list. Harrison is full of great restaurants to spend an evening, places to enjoy a drink, and meals perfect for taking to the beach. Check them all out you won’t regret it!

All Harrison eats are Sasquatch approved.

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