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Invermere is located along Windermere Lake in the Columbia Valley. Panorama Mountain Resort is directly west of Invermere in the Purcell Mountains. The two communities are amazing compliments to one another and work as a team to develop and market the great experiences that can be found in the region. Invermere-on-the-lake as its frequently named is a small wholesome town straddling the expanse of Windermere Lake. It is a great summer destination popular for its amazing weather and watersports. In the winter Windermere Lake freezes and becomes the world longest ice skating track, the Whiteway. The winter fun doesn’t stop there though! Panorama is a world class modern ski resort famous for being a training playground for Olympians.

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Invermere and Panorama have inverse seasons which allows them to develop the region as a team. Calgarians are the main source of visitors and the main investors of vacation rental properties. The area is often in the shadow of my prominent resort towns but is truly a hidden gem with a bright future. The main challenge for the region is the high seasonality.

Property Type Estimated Annual Revenue
Studio $22,000 – $28,000
One Bedroom $24,000 – $32,000
Two Bedroom $26,000 – $33,000
Three Bedroom $27,000 – $34,000

Invermere Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

Invermere has a 139 active vacation rentals. Two and three bedrooms make up the majority of listings both represent 36% of the total vacation rentals. The average annual occupancy is 50% and the annual average nightly rate is $212 per night.

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Invermere & Panorama Tourism Industry

Invermere: Invermere is a charming town situated on the shores of Windermere Lake. It serves as the commercial and cultural hub for the region. The town is surrounded by the stunning Rocky and Purcell Mountains, making it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Panorama: Panorama Mountain Resort is located near Invermere, offering year-round recreational opportunities. It is particularly known for its winter sports offerings, including skiing and snowboarding.

There are approximately 235 Airbnb listings in Invermere and roughly 217 in Panorama.

Yes, provided your Airbnb is properly licensed through the municipality you can operate in Invermere and Panorama.

Yes, provided your Airbnb is properly licensed through the municipality you can operate in Invermere and Panorama.

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