Property Checklist for Homeowners

Supplies, Amenities, and Furnishing

Renting out your vacation home can be a great way to generate extra income while you’re not using it, but managing a rental property requires careful attention to detail. Before handing over the keys to your vacation rental, it’s important to ensure that the property is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, supplies, and furnishings to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your guests. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of recommended amenities, supplies, and furnishings that homeowners should consider providing to their vacation rental guests to help ensure a positive guest experience and maximum rental income. From basic essentials like linens and towels, to more luxurious amenities like hot tubs and high-end appliances, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your vacation rental stand out from the competition.


  1. Kitchen Checklist
  2. Supplies Checklist
  3. Laundry Checklist
  4. Furnishing Checklist
  5. Cleaning Supplies Checklist
  6. Safety & Security Checklist

1. Kitchen Checklist

This checklist covers all items that should be supplied within your kitchen. This includes all the obvious supplies and amenities but also extends to items that you may not immediately think of until a guest asks “where is the can opener?” It can be easy to forget a few crucial amenities; use our guide to help minimize these oversights.

Kitchen Appliance Checklist

Optional Appliance Checklist

Child-Friendly Kitchen Checklist

2. Property Supplies Checklist

Along with all the stationary amenities you’ll need to stock and restock a wide array of consumable products. Within your kitchen and bathroom basic products need to be available for guests during their stay. If you are extra generous you may want to go above and beyond by supplying luxury items or less commonly used products.

Kitchen Supplies Checklist

  • Coffee (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Coffee Filters (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Sugar (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Tea (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Salt & Pepper (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Cooking Oil (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Paper Towel (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Sponges (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Dish Soap (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Dishwasher Pods (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Garbage Bags (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Hand Soap (Supplied by Lifty Life)

Optional Kitchen Supplies Checklist

Bathroom Supplies Checklist

  • Toilet Paper (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Hand Soap (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Shampoo (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Conditioner (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Body Wash (Supplied by Lifty Life)
  • Makeup Remover
  • Tissues (Supplied by Lifty Life)

3. Laundry Room Checklist

We highly recommend purchasing spares sets of linens and towels to ensure we always have a backup set in case a linen becomes soiled. The best rule of thumb is to have three sets per bed, a clean set, dirty set, and spare set. In addition to overstocking make sure to protect your mattresses and pillows with covers and pads.

Linen Checklist

If you choose our White Glove option, Lifty Life will cover the cost of the linens.

4. Property Furnishing Checklist

Furnishing your home is where you get to be creative and put in your own style. Airbnb’s are meant to be unique spaces so don’t be afraid to put your own quirky flair on your property. Make an effort to create spaces that truly stand out. Travelling guests are looking for something different and provides a locals experience.

5. Cleaning Item Checklist

It’s easy to get carried away focusing on property design, so much that you forget to purchase utility items such as a plunger! These items are critical to the success of your property; make them available to both your guests and cleaners. You’ll be surprised how many guests will clean before checking out if you provide the tools and supplies.

Cleaning Supplies Checklist

These cleaning supplies are used by guests when they need to clean something up. Its always best to provide these items so they can can quickly clean up if they spill something.

6. Safety & Security Checklist

Finally, in our Property Checklist, you need to consider both the safety of your guests and the security of your property. You must be providing safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher and operational smoke detector. In addition consider adding smart home technology to better monitor your spaces.

Guest Safety Checklist

Platforms like Airbnb take guest safety very seriously, so definitely don’t forgot these items!

Property Security Checklist