The Short Term Rental Amenities Checklist

When setting up your property it can be easy to forget purchasing basic items. This list provides a guideline to get started and keep sometimes forgotten things in mind. However, one of the best ways to learn what you’re missing is to spend some nights in your property, cook some meals, and get the true guest experience.

When reading this guide consider this key to success: purchase durable products that are easy to use. For example buy televisions that are simple to operate, buy couches that are easy to clean, and dishware that will last.

Use this article as your ultimate amenities checklist that will help you set up, gain amazing reviews, and provide guests a fantastic stay!

Amenity Checklist | Safety

Providing a safe environment for guests to enjoy their vacation is a promise that hosts implicitly make. Don't take this responsibility lightly. There can be large ramifications if your property is not well equipped for an emergency or equipment is beyond its expiry or useful life.

In your guidebook and listing descriptions make sure to include the locations of these items and contact details for local emergency services.

Short Term Rental Living Room

Amenity Checklist | Living Space

Make sure to create a warm and inviting living space. Give it character, make it truly unique, and somewhere guests can feel comfortable. Use your own sense of style but refrain from making it too personal by adding family photos and heirlooms.

  • Seating/lounging for maximum number of guests accommodated.
  • Smart TV (we recommend Roku)
  • Rug and rug pad to muffle sounds if someone lives downstairs.
  • Pull-out couch
  • Optional - artwork from local artists (this is something we love doing since it both showcases your community and gives back)

Amenity Checklist | Dining Room

When designing the dining space add enough seating to accommodate the maximum number of allowable guests. You may want to even add a few extra fold-able chairs in a closet. Pro-tip: add felt protectors to the legs of your table and chairs.

When shopping for dishware consider shopping at commercial kitchen supplier. Commercial suppliers provide durable supplies at a fraction of the cost.

  • Furnish dining/seating for the maximum amount of guests accommodated
  • Supply dinnerware, silverware, and glassware for at least the maximum accommodated
  • Wipeable (vinyl) placemats
  • Wine glasses (among the most frequently broken items)
  • Pitcher
  • Basic serving dishes
  • Highchair and/or booster seat for child friendly properties (also sippy cups, child utensils and plates)
Vacation rental Kitchen

Amenity Checklist | Kitchen

Once again we recommend using a commercial kitchen supplier. We further recommend not purchasing the cheapest appliances and supplies. Guests get extremely frustrated with cheap coffee makers, can openers, etc.

Consider purchasing some luxury items in the kitchen such as an espresso machine or high quality knifes. These are the kind of amazing amenities are often included in guest reviews as a major benefits when staying at your property.

  • Major appliance musts: Stove, oven, fridge - while a dishwasher isn’t a must-have, many guests will not book a property without one.
  • Small appliance musts: drip coffee maker (Keurig, french press optional), microwave, kettle, blender, hand-mixer, and toaster
  • Crockpots are popular in family friendly properties
  • Basic pots and pans, at least one non-stick (ceramic non-toxic) fryer
  • Basic bakeware
  • Cooking and serving utensils
  • Knives (kitchen and steak)
  • For refrigerators without icemakers - ice trays are necessary
  • Wine opener, bottle opener, can opener
  • Measuring cups/spoons and mixing bowl
  • Cutting board
  • Dish drain
  • Colander
  • Waste can and recycling container

Amenity Checklist | Bedrooms

Set up your bedrooms for both comfort and to minimize the risk of stained mattresses or pillows. Protect from stains, damage, and bed bugs by being fully prepared!

If you have multiple bedrooms consider giving each one a unique style and theme. Guests will love this.

  • High quality mattress
  • Zippered encasements for mattresses and boxsprings
  • Pillow protectors - NOT pillow covers
  • Waterproof mattress pads (non plastic)
  • Closet space for hanging items - hangers (not wire)
  • Luggage rack or dresser surface
  • 2 pillows per head

Amenity Checklist | Bathrooms

Make sure your bathroom is well stocked with essentials. You'll have some very upset guests if they can't find any toilet paper or the plunger.

  • Hair dryer for each bath
  • If using a shower curtain, buy at least two cloth liners
  • Toilet brush for every bath
  • Waste basket
  • Iron and ironing board
vacation rental cleaning

Amenity Checklist | Cleanliness

Make life easy on yourself and your cleaner by stocking the property with everything essential. Also provide some basic cleaning supplies to guests, just in case.

  • Provide vacuum, broom, mop, cleaning cloths, toilet brush, and simple cleaning products for accidents
  • Create a LOCKED owners’ closet for supplies and personal items
  • Plunger!

Amenity Checklist | Technology

Guests love a techy space and you'll love how it can make your life easier. Outfit your property with essential technology such as WiFi but also consider adding some amazing smart home technology.
  • WiFi - consider WiFi boosters throughout the home if the signal is weak.
  • Streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc
  • Optional outdoor security cameras - this is especially helpful in deterring parties and unregistered guests for larger properties. Do not add interior cameras.
  • Optional WiFi controlled thermostat and other appliances
  • Supply easily accessible USB port/electrical outlets near beds and/or create a charging station.
  • Smart lock on your front door (this will make everyone's lives easier)

Amenity Checklist | Just for Fun

Your guests are looking to enjoy their stays so give them some fun stuff to do! This is one of those sections you can really get creative with and create a property that stands out against the competition. I find adding board games makes a huge difference in the guest experience and reviews.

  • Board games, puzzles, cards
  • Pet friendly properties - bowls, feeding mat
  • Yard games where appropriate - horse shoes, corn hole, etc
  • Children's indoor and outdoor toys
  • Sports equipment - balls, bats, rackets, etc