The Airbnb Smart Home
Best Airbnb Smart Devices of 2022

Smart homes are a trend in the vacation rental / Airbnb industry that are here to stay. The Airbnb host of the future is implementing smart technology into all aspects of their homes to provide superior guest service, monitor properties remotely, and automate property management. The Airbnb Smart Home is the future of the industry.

While high-speed Wifi and keyless entry may have been luxuries in the past they have now become the bare minimum in the eyes of Airbnb guests. The 2022 guest is tech-savvy, working remote, and seeking technology luxuries that make their lives easier. To market to this growing traveler segment, Airbnb managers must implement technology into every aspect of the guest experience. Fortunately this trend benefits guests and hosts both; guests receive better service and value while hosts can now more easily manage and monitor their properties remotely.

The 7 Smart Device Categories for your Airbnb Smart Home:

  1. Digital Entry & Smart Locks
  2. Smart Home Utilities
  3. Home Monitoring
  4. Digital Concierges
  5. Smart Home Amenities
  6. Smart Home Kitchens
  7. Green Home Amenities
Airbnb Smart Lock, Self-Checkin

1. Digital Entry & Smart Locks | Airbnb Smart Devices

It’s critical to be providing a simply, effortless, no-contact entry to your Airbnb. In person key exchanges are a thing of the past in our post-covid world. Guests instead want a reliable, touchless entry that allows for check-in flexibility. If your setting up your unit or adjusting your process, we highly recommend using digital locks and avoiding keys whenever possible.

Airbnb Digital Smart Locks

The most techy guest check-in solution is using Airbnb smart locks such as August or Remote Lock. These locks feature remote monitoring, Airbnb calendar integration, unique expiring codes, and multiple entry options.

Keypad Entry Locks

The downside of digital smart locks is the price and short-battery lives. As such keypad locks can often be a better solution for many hosts. They are also great solutions for locked cleaner closets and backdoors.

Smart Lock Box

When keys are necessary the best solution is still automation. Smart boxes can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with digital locks. Often in apartments, you’ll need to make use of a lockbox for guest check-in.

SmartTag Key Trackers

Apartment style Airbnb’s may be unable to fully avoid keys or fobs because of the need to access building amenities. To mitigate the risk of lost fobs it’s recommended to add SmartTags that can track the items location.

2. Smart Home Utilities | Airbnb Smart Devices

Adding smart home utilities to your Airbnb can be a great way to save you money and provide a technology filled home that guests will love. The Airbnb smart home of the future is incorporating smart devices to serve dual purposes: providing superior guest service and monitoring more and more of the home. Smart utilities can keep your utility costs low while optimizing the guest experience to meet the unique needs of each guest.

Smart Thermostat

The Google Nest learns the patterns of thermostat usage in an effort to minimize heating and cooling bills. Savvy hosts remotely sync guest check-ins and checkouts to benefit from the cost savings and provide superior service.

LED Smart Lights

Smart lights are primarily for fun but do have some remote capabilities that make them great for hosts. Guests benefit from getting to play with different light modes while hosts can now remotely shut off lights when needed.

Wifi Boosters

Wifi isn’t an amenity anymore, it’s a utility! Airbnb hosts must be providing fast, reliable wifi service. Wifi boosters are great solutions to increase your wifi range to every room in your home and even your outside areas.

3. Home Monitoring | Airbnb Smart Devices

Home monitoring is a growing trend among Airbnb hosts. Hosts use these smart home devices as a security measure against theft and damage as well as a away to identify guests violating house rules. Home monitoring is controversial as it can violate some trust that privacy that guests should be afforded. Disclosure of camera and noise monitoring devices should be made to guests prior to booking confirmation.

Smart Home Doorbells

The Ring Doorbell is a motion activated camera that enables the remote “answering” of your front door. This is great for providing easy check-ins and ensuring the person checking in is the person that is supposed to.

Exterior Video Cameras

Video cameras must be outside and disclosed to guests. The benefit to hosts is 24/7 remote video that allows you to see guest check-ins, checkouts, and numbers. Cameras are a great deterrent to parties and house rule violations.

Noise Monitoring Devices

Noise monitoring is used by Airbnb hosts to monitor for unwelcome parties. Unlike cameras these devices can be placed inside your property. The device tracks decibels not audio, regardless it should be disclosed to guests.

4. Digital Concierges | Airbnb Smart Devices

Your Airbnb Smart Home needs a brain which is where your digital concierge (aka virtual assistant) comes in. The Alexa Virtual Assistant or Google Assistant can pair with your smart devices to interconnect your home, give guests voice control over devices, and the host greater visibility. Guests will also be able to use your assistant as a digital concierge that helps them plan trips, book reservations, or set an early morning alarm.

Alexa Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants such as Alexa are voice activated helpers. Guests can use Alexa in a limitless number of ways such as playing music, setting tasks, and controlling other devices.

Airbnb Smart Device, Alexa Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant like Alexa enables guests to make use of your other devices and conduct simple tasks. The assistant allows hosts to emulate the concierge services common at hotel front desks. A great value add!

Airbnb Smart Device, Google Assistant

5. Smart Home Amenities | Airbnb Smart Devices

Airbnb hosts must supply all sorts of fantastic guest amenities but to provide premium experiences to the tech-minded traveler you’ll need to provide the luxury smart tech equivalent. Nearly any item in a home can be “smart” but not all items need to be. Focus on providing technology items that will truly stand out and provide a better customer service. Bonus when these items make your hosting experience easier!

Smart Televisions

Our suggestion, the ROKU smart TV, has a great price, simple controller, limitless streaming apps, and a handy phone app. The simplicity helps you avoid playing tech support and provides an alternative controller option.

Fire Stick or Chromecast

Already have a TV and don’t want to replace it with a Smart TV? The Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast can make any TV with a HDMI port into a Smart TV. Plus they are compatible with your digital assistant.

Airbnb Smart Home, Firestick

Wireless Device Charging

Wireless phone charging stations are a slick and techy solution for guest device charging. They are fairly inexpensive yet provide a very high-class service for Airbnb guests staying in your property.

6. Smart Kitchens | Airbnb Smart Devices

The kitchen is where Airbnb properties can really standout. Kitchens are one of the key amenities that make Airbnb’s extremely popular over hotel suites. Adding smart home technology into your kitchen is a fantastic way to further communicate your premium offering. Every small or large kitchen appliance can be upgraded to a smart device, below we have listed some of our favourite smart kitchen devices.

Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are a key kitchen appliance for your Airbnb and a great item to upgrade to a smart device. Atomi coffee makers are inexpensive and compatible with either your Alexa or Google Assistant.

Touchless Soap Dispenser

While not technically “smart” touchless hand dispensers are a great amenity for your Airbnb. This covid-friendly gadget reduces bacteria and communicates your heightened focus on property cleanliness.

Vitamix Smart Blender

The Vitamix is the premium blender. The Vitamix automatically adjusts speeds based on container, pairs with the Perfect Blend App, and has a precise digital timer. This luxury kitchen appliance is sure to wow guests.

7. Green Home Amenities | Airbnb Smart Devices

The Airbnb home of the future is not only smart it is also green. Hosts interested in investing into the future of the industry should not only be outfitting their units with more technology they should be lowering their carbon footprint with green technology. Green technology is a win / win for guests and hosts both. Green homes are a great marketing opportunity and can have great cost saving benefits in the long run.

Electric Vehicle Charger

EV charging is a major draw for guests with electric vehicles. This market segment is growing, has an above average income, is environmentally conscious, and tech savvy. A great Airbnb target market!

Solar Panels

Making use of solar panels at your Airbnb is a great cost saving measure and lucrative marketing opportunity. Environmentally friendly homes are popular and can therefore charge a premium for stays.