The 5 Best Airbnb Smart Locks

You can make some extra money by renting out your space on Airbnb. However, securing your Airbnb property and providing a seamless check-in process for guests can pose a serious challenge. Fortunately with the right tools this is easy to resolve. Our guide to the Best Airbnb Smart Locks will help alleviate these issues!

Finding the best smart lock for Airbnb can be a difficult task. For those who aren’t familiar with the options, it can be confusing. What is the best smart lock for Airbnb properties? How do you select from the multiple options on the market? What are the pros and cons of systems?

In order to answer these question, you will need to understand a few essential buying factors when selecting your lock and check-in processes. These factors will help you decide what lock is best suited for your Airbnb.

The Five Factors used to Evaluate Airbnb Smart Locks

The value of a smart door lock is in part determined by the app accompanying it. The apps control every feature of these locks. In light of this, choosing a lock that has an easy-to-use and navigate app is a necessity. The best apps allow you to manage multiple keys (door locks), unlock or lock the door remotely, provide low battery alerts, add unique codes, and keep track of the opening and closing of doors.

Installing smart locks aren’t always easy. To ensure you can install each one yourself, you need to research each of them. There’s no need to pay a professional when you can do it yourself. So finding user-friendly Airbnb smart locks is a must! Please note all Smart Locks will require that you connect the system to wifi.

A smart lock is rated from 1 to 3 according to ANSI standards. One of the most secure locks is grade 1, while the least secure one is grade 3. For Airbnb, only grade 1 and grade 2 are recommended.

The battery life of smart locks are much shorter than other locks because of the software and wifi connections. This is probably the most frustrating and negative part of smart locks. Locks with longer battery life are always preferred.

Connecting your PMS to smart locks, allows you to further automate the check-in process and improve visibility, via one platform. Most smart locks don’t have direct integrations with property management systems however can be connected through third parties. Hostaway the leading property management system for example connects to smart locks via Operto, Remotelock, and Chekin.

Please note this list is not in any particular order. All of these Smart Home Locks provide a great option for Airbnb hosts, manager, or homeowners.

August Smart Lock Pro is among the most popular for hosts because of their versatility and ease of installation. With its seamless integration with Airbnb, this deadbolt fits over most deadbolts with ease. Your listing will be available to guests only during their stay, once they have downloaded and installed the app. Through the app, you can also monitor the status of the lock and make sure that no one is accessing your listing without your permission.

  • No modifications are needed to your existing deadbolt
  • Auto-lock feature that locks the door after a certain period of time if left unattended
  • When guests arrive, the door can be automatically unlocked
  • To ensure backup procedures, you can still use a key to open the deadbolt
  • With the help of a sensor, you don’t have to worry about locking an open door from the inside
  • It is quite a bulky lock in its entirety
  • If your lock’s alignment needs to be adjusted, the August Smart Lock won’t be able to turn the deadbolt easily

Another excellent option is the Yale Assure. Yale Assure provides a backlit touch screen and voice prompts to make it easy for guests to gain entry, even if they’re not tech savvy. Yale Assure has a feature where guests can disable all codes for a short time by pressing a button inside the door. Guests who are worried about the staff walking in on them may find this appealing. Well, we all do love some privacy, don’t we?

  • When the batteries fail, the keyhole provides backup access
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen with voice guidance and a backlit screen
  • Allows you to manage codes wherever you are
  • Airbnb integration is not available. Having multiple listings may make host updates exhausting if they have to update codes manually for each reservation.
  • Smart hubs with Z-wave functionality will be required.
  • A new deadbolt must be installed in place of your existing deadbolt. For those of you not into DIY, this could mean hiring a handyman

The ULTRALOQ lock, provides users with five different methods to open or unlock their doors. Keypads, smartphones, auto-unlock, shake to open, and mechanical keys are all available for access.

The backlighting on this particular keypad is also a benefit for guests that spend a night out and may otherwise have trouble entering their codes.

The lock has a weatherproof external construction. It will operate in both hot and cold environments without any issues.

  • A five-point access system (code, smartphone, auto-unlock, shake to open, and backup key)
  • Exterior construction that is weatherproof
  • Smartphone app and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Access can be set in several ways (periodical, specific, or permanent)
  • An anti-peep keypad with a backlight that is suitable for night use
  • Poor battery life

This is another well-designed smart lock that retrofits onto existing doors in Europe. It provides a high level of security using encryption technology as seen in online banking, as well as being verified by independent institutes like AV-TEST.

It allows the management of access permissions remotely and can offer continuous monitoring, so you know who is in and out at any given time.

airbnb smart lock
  • It is Operto-compatible
  • It allows remote management
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled
  • The device can be equipped with a keypad that requires a 6-digit security code
  • Quite Bulky
  • Accessible through a letterbox

Airbnb users love the Igloohome Smart Lock for is its simplicity. Igloohome seamlessly integrates with Airbnb and allows hosts to sync their listing calendars with their Airbnb accounts.

The system can generate PIN codes or Bluetooth keys automatically and send them to guests. Everything is controlled by the Igloohome app. Furthermore, it does not require an internet connection, making it suitable for areas without WiFi.

Its long battery life is also a big benefit. Four AA batteries can power the smart lock for nine months without needing replacement.

This model comes equipped with a DC9V battery in case the batteries drain completely. During these dire times, it can be used to provide keypad access during an emergency jump start.

  • Easy to sync with Airbnb listing calendars
  • Comes with a DC9V battery in case of emergency
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection to work
  • Slimmer, more convenient design
  • Battery lasts up to nine months
  • Physical keys are substandard

Bonus Tip: Build a Redundant Check-in Process

As a final recommendation I strongly recommend redundant check-in processes. Speaking as someone that didn’t until I had major issues I wish I would have done this much earlier.

The simplest redundancy is to install a lockbox somewhere on the exterior of your property. Ideally this lock has no batteries and can simply be accessed using a code. This option will always make guests able to access your unit. This removes the risk that the battery on your lock runs out and guests can’t access your unit.