The Guide to Airbnb Vacation Rental Supplies, Toiletries, & Product

When setting up your vacation rental there are many products and supplies you’ll need to consider stocking and replenishing. There are standard items within your kitchen and bathroom that should be provided to all your Airbnb guests. These extend to toiletries, kitchen supplies, and cleaning items. Above and beyond these standard items are stocked items that will really stand out or even exceed your guests expectations!

This list encompasses all the standard, optional, and truly standout items Airbnb hosts can stock within their short term rentals. To learn what amenities you should have to furnish your vacation rental, please check out our Short Term Rental Amenities Checklist.

Airbnb Vacation Rental “Standard” Supplies & Product

Within the standard stock & replenishment list are items that are common to vacation rentals. These items will meet the expectations of the majority of Airbnb or VRBO guests. They include non-perishable items that will be regularly used and consumed.

Within your Kitchen Cupboard

Under your Kitchen Sink

Within your Utility Room

Laundry Pods or Liquid (if needed)

All-purpose Cleaner (for guest use)

Stain Remover (for guest use)

Airbnb Vacation Rental “Utility” Supplies & Product

The items on this list are required to provide but rarely need replacing, hence the separate category. Hosts should keep an eye on this stock and keep backups in case of an emergency.

Airbnb Vacation Rental “Optional” Supplies & Product

Within the optional stock list are items that are less common to vacation rentals but provide a heightened level of service and value. These items are great to target your property to a specific type of guest. We suggest providing items that are either non-perishable or have long shelf lives.

Optional Items that Stands Out

Airbnb Vacation Rental “Exceeding Expectations” Supplies & Product

This list is full of astounding guest items that will almost ensure high reviews and amazing guest stays! While this list covers items not listed above, many “standard” or “optional” items can exceed guest expectations. Consider providing high-quality items from the above lists to give guests a stellar experience without needing to offer additional stocked items.

Product that Guests will Love