The 5 Best Vacation Rental & Airbnb Hosting Books

Are you looking to get started with Airbnb or are you a seasoned vacation rental manager looking to grow your portfolio? As short term rental managers ourselves and avid readers we have some great books and eBook suggestions to get you started on your business development and growth journey! Here are my five favourite vacation rental manager / Airbnb hosting books. These books cover a wide range of topics within the industry including getting started, scaling, financing, marketing, and more.

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics. Co-written by Symon He and James Svetec of Learn Airbnb and BnB Mastery. Airbnb for Dummies keeps it simple and walks through the process of Airbnb hosting. You’ll learn how to set up, price, market, serve guests, and profit from your Airbnb.

Before reading this book I became a fan of Jaspers blog and podcast, both of which are top tier. His book is a fantastic introduction into Airbnb hosting. The process of getting started with Airbnb, automating the business, and growing is all laid out in a simple step by step process. Every step is easy to implement. Jasper makes it easy to start turning your space into an income producing asset.

0 to 500 Properties is written for the most ambitious short term rental managers. If you are looking to scale your business to hundreds of properties this is a great read. Author, Brooke Pfautz is the CEO of Vintory, a CRM for vacation rentals. The book has some great lessons although it often reads as a sales strategy for Vintory. Regardless there are great lessons in here that were learnt during his time developing Vantage Resort Realty.

The writer, Avery Carl, is a regular contributor to Bigger Pockets, an online community for real estate investors. As such Short-Term Rental Long Term Wealth is published under the Bigger Pockets brand. The book chronicles Avery’s experience investing in vacation rentals within the Smoky Mountains. There is a heavy focus on financial analysis, operational efficiency, and investing. Avery does a great job making these concepts very accessible.

The Book Direct Playbook is written by Mark Simpson. Mark is the charismatic owner of Boostly, a vacation rental website design agency and training academy. His secrets and best tips are all available within the Book Direct Playbook. This is a great read with actionable tips throughout the book. If you are interested in driving more direct business this is a must read.

Top Vacation Rental and Airbnb Hosting Blogs

If you are looking for something more accessible take a look at our recommendations for the Best Vacation Rental Blogs. Our list includes great resources for Airbnb hosts, property managers, investors, tech nuts, and data nuts.