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Victoria is the capital of British Colombia located on the southern coast of Vancouver Island. The community is full of colonial architecture, flowers, boutique coffee shop, and hip restaurants. It is known as the biking capital of Canada because of its unmatched biking infrastructure. You will see students, politicians, and residents all biking to work, school, and around town. Along with going on a bike ride while in Victoria make sure to head out to the water and try and catch a sighting of the powerful and inspiring Orcas that call the oceans nearby home.

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Victoria is major tourist destination for metro Vancouver and for international guests of the province. It has both a ferry terminal and airport allowing for easy access to the city. Airbnb in Victoria is a great opportunity and much less seasonal than other markets on Vancouver Island.

Victoria Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

Victoria has 1099 active vacation rentals. One bedrooms represent 47% of the listings followed by two bedrooms at 33%. The average annual occupancy is 81% while the average annual daily rate $155 per night.

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Victoria Tourism Industry

The tourism sector of Victoria adds an estimated $2.3 billion into the local GDP and attracts approximately 4 million visitors each year.

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