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Salt Spring is the largest and most populous of the Gulf Islands. This community is so unique it even has its own locally accepted currency the Salt Spring dollar. Home to many artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and free thinkers Salt Spring has a strong sense of culture and community.  Like any island lifestyle make sure to take it easy and watch the waves from the pristine coastlines that surround the island. Enjoy the many cultural events happening throughout the year or find your little piece of isolation somewhere secluded. Both are great ways to experience the beauty of the area, people, wildlife, ocean, and nature.

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The only challenge with owning an Airbnb on Salt Spring is you’ll wanna be there all the time! Assuming you provide some dates for Airbnb guests you won’t be disappointed and nor will your guests. Salt Spring has strong overall numbers but does peak in August when the island really starts to fill up.

Salt Spring Island Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

Salt Spring has 304 active vacation rentals. 40% of which are one bedrooms, 31% of which are two bedrooms. The average annual occupancy is 65% while the average annual daily rate is $172 per night.

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