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Pender Island is one of the Gulf Islands located in the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The island is in fact two islands North and South Pender which are connected by a bridge. It is a serene landscape with unbelievable views of the strait on every side. This little piece of paradise houses lakes, small mountains, coastal beaches, and hidden coves. It is home to a small population of generous and community driven neighbours. The community loves to get together for the Pender Island Farmers Market, Lantern Festival, and Fall Fair.

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Pender Island is only accessible by ferry which limits the visitors from both Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver. However this does make for longer night stays than would be expected in other markets. The island is full of amenities that entice guests to choose Pender over other Gulf islands.

Pender Island Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

North Pender Island has 63 active vacation rentals. The majority of which are two bedrooms 55%. The average annual occupancy is 73% and the average annual daily rate is $164 per night.

South Pender Island has fewer vacation rentals at only 30. 41% being two bedrooms and 34% being three bedrooms. The average annual occupancy on South Pender is 45% and the average annual daily rate is $324.

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