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Osoyoos is the furthest south city in the Okanagan Valley. It is famously known as the Canadian desert so if you’re looking for some suntanning you’ve come the right spot. Osoyoos Lake is thrilling spot for boating, tubing, parasailing, and all manner of electric watersports. When visiting you’ll wanna spend most your time at the beach enjoying the heat and than jumping in the lake. Don’t forget to visit Rattlesnake Canyon Park! Don’t let the name scare you it’s a great amusement park for the whole family. And of course no trip to the Okanagan would be complete without stopping by at some of the amazing local wineries.

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Osoyoos is a great Okanagan market that has its own unique identity in the region. The closer to the lake the more successful an Airbnb will be in this market. Units away from the lake are likely to have much weaker occupancy and nightly rates.

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Osoyoos has a total of 106 active vacation rentals. 43% of the vacation rentals in Osoyoos are 3 bedrooms while 32% are two bedrooms. The average annual occupancy is 53% and the average annual nightly rate is $237.

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