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Kamloops is in the heart of the Thompson region. Located along the Thompson River and next to Kamloops Lake. The region has long hot summers that can be enjoyed participating in an abundance of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and boating. The geography of Kamloops is particularly interesting given its semi-desert look which you see throughout the Thompson Okanagan. The region is a stark contrast to the temperate rain forest of the Fraser Valley.

While you’re visiting Kamloops is a good chance a major tournament is being held. Kamloops is a big sports town, holding over 100 tournaments each year on its world class facilities. Thompson Okanagan University is home to many of these professional sporting amenities and major tournaments.

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Kamloops is a great region with a lot offer. It has lakes, rivers, and a world class ski resort all within a short drive which minimizes seasonality. On top of that it is a major metropolitan centre within BC further mitigating seasonality by opening up opportunities for business travel and off peak bookings. The university and tournaments are another active source for bookings. All these factors culminate into a high annual occupancy.

Kamloops Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

Kamloops has 178 active vacation rentals within its borders. One bedrooms represent the largest portion of listings at 45% followed by two bedrooms at 29%. The average annual occupancy of the region is 81% and the average annual nightly rate is $96.

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Kamloops Tourism Industry

There are 178 active vacation rentals within Kamloops.
Yes, provided your property is zoned correctly and you have a valid business license from the city.

Kamloops is known as the tournament capital. The city has over 100 tournaments a year.

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