The Complete Guide to BC Mountain Resorts

BC is home to an array of world-class destination resorts and beloved community ski hills. I'm sure you've heard of Whistler and Big White but what about Cain, Troll and Little Mac? This list of BC ski resorts is the most comprehensive you'll find. Included is a breakdown of 38 BC mountain resorts spread throughout our Province. How many have you visited?

Region Resorts
Caribou Chilcotin 5
Kootenays Rockies 10
Lower Mainland 6
Northern BC 7
Thompson Okanagan 8
Vancouver Island 2




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Caribou Chilcotin | Hart Highlands Winter Club

Hart Highlands is located 10 minutes from downtown Prince George. The ski hill has 11 named runs and 22 acres of skiable terrain. This resort is the only hill located within Prince Georges city limits and has been operating for 50 years.

Hart Highlands

Caribou Chilcotin | Purden Ski Village

Purden is 50 minutes from Prince George, has 26 named runs and 1280 acres of skiable terrain. The resort is within the limits of beautiful Purden Provincial Park and overlooks nearby Purden Lake.

Purden Ski Village

Caribou Chilcotin | Tabor Mountain Ski Resort

The final resort in the Prince George area is Tabor Ski Resort located only 15 minutes east. Tabor has 35 named runs distributed among its skiable terrain. The mountain has been developing a strong mountain biking infrastructure and ridership in the past few years.

Tabor Mountain

Caribou Chilcotin | Mount Timothy

Mount Timothy is located 30 kilometres away from 100 Mile House. It has 35 named ski runs, 825 acres of skiable terrain, a triple chair, and t-bar. In late 2018, the resort received new local ownership, KevLar Development Group. The new ownership is dedicated to developing the resort by investing heavily into its resurgence.

Mount Timothy

Caribou Chilcotin | Troll Ski Resort

Troll Ski Resort is 40 minutes east of Quesnel. It has 35 named runs spread among the skiable terrain. The mountain provides an amazing discounted ticket deal for seasons pass holders of other mountains, 25% off. Staff of other mountains receive an astounding 50% off tickets! Also Troll clearly has the best logo imaginable.

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Kootenay Rockies | Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area

The Fairmont Ski Area is a short 20 minutes south of Invermere. There are 12 named runs and 100 acres of skiable terrain. Fairmont Hot Springs only has a population of 476 but is home to a ski resort, 45 holes of golf, and much more.

Fairmont Hot Springs

Kootenay Rockies | Fernie Alpine Resort

Fernie is southwest of Calgary by 3 hours. There are 14 named runs on the mountain and 2500 acres of skiable terrain. In addition to skiing and snowboarding the sport of fat tire biking is a popular winter sport at Fernie.

Kootenay Rockies | Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Kicking Horse Resort is a 15 minute drive from the town of Golden, BC. The mountain has 129 named runs and 3486 acres of skiable terrain. Kicking Horse has the highest elevation of any BC ski resort at 1260 metres.

Kootenay Rockies | Kimberley Alpine Resort

Kimberley Ski Resort is only 25 minutes from Cranbrook. It hosts 80 named runs and 1800 acres of skiable terrain. Kimberley along with Fernie, Kicking Horse, Nakiska, Mont-Sainte-Anne, and Stoneham are all owned by the same Canadian company, RCR.

Kimberley Ski Resort

Kootenay Rockies | Panorama Mountain Resort

Panorama is only a short 20 minutes from neighbouring Invermere. The ski resort has 129 named runs and 2975 acres of skiable terrain. Panorama is frequent training ground for international and national Olympians and World Cup athletes.

Kootenay Rockies | Red Mountain Resort

Red is only 5 minutes from downtown Rossland and 2 and a half hours from Spokane, WA. The mountain has 110 named runs and 2682 acres of skiable terrain. Starting in 2016, Red has had a unique financing strategy of using equity crowdfunding.
Red Mountain Resort

Kootenay Rockies | Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Revelstoke is 6 hours away from Vancouver and 4 and half hours from Calgary. The mountain has 40 named runs and 3031 acres of skiable terrain. Revelstoke has the longest rideable vertical in North America, with 1713 metres from top to bottom. It also has a long history of being a hub of ski jumping dating back as far as 1892.

Kootenay Rockies | Salmo Ski Area

Salmo Ski Area is only 35 minutes east of Castlegar. It has a total of 5 named runs on the skiable terrain. Despite being a small hill it has some great night skiing available to riders.

Kootenay Rockies | Summit Lake Ski Area

Summit Lake is an hour and 40 minutes north of Castlegar. On the mountain is 8 named runs spread among 30 acres of skiable terrain. This beloved hill is among the smallest of all BC resorts.

Summit Lake Ski Resort

Kootenay Rockies | Whitewater Ski Resort

Whitewater is only a short 25 minutes away from the town of Nelson. Home to 46 named runs and 1180 acres of skiable terrain. Like the town of Nelson, Whitewater has low key vibe perfect for disconnecting. Easy since you'll have a hard time getting a signal up here which is truly a blessing not a curse.

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Lower Mainland | Cypress Mountain

Cypress is a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. The hill has 53 named runs and 600 acres of skiable terrain. Of the 3 local hills in Vancouver, Cypress is the largest, has the highest vertical, and the most diverse terrain.

Cypress Mountain

Lower Mainland | Grouse Mountain

From downtown Vancouver to the base of Grouse takes only 20 minutes. There are 33 named runs and 212 acres of skiable terrain. Grouse has nearly limitless things to do but among the most popular is the Grouse Grind, a 2.9 kilometre trail up the mountain.

Grouse Mountain

Lower Mainland | Manning Park Resort

Manning Park is 45 minutes south east of Hope. The resort has 23 named runs. During the 2010 Olympics snow was trucked from the Manning Provincial Park Provincial to Vancouver to build up the snow base at Cypress.

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Lower Mainland | Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch is located 1 hour north east of Abbotsford. The resort has 34 named runs and 300 acres of skiable terrain. The current owners, Bererzan Hospitality Group, have approved plans to invest $1.5 billion into the resort over the next few decades.

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Lower Mainland | Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour is 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. It includes 23 named runs and 200 acres of skiable terrain. Of the Vancouver local hills, Seymour is known as the locals hill and hosts the best terrain park of the three.

Lower Mainland | Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is located 2 hours north of Vancouver. The resort has 200 named runs and 8171 acres of skiable terrain. In 2010 Whistler famously co-hosted the Winter Olympics with Vancouver. Whistler is the largest and most prestigious ski resort in North America.

Whistler Blackcomb
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Northern BC | Bear Mountain Ski Hill

Bear Mountain is in the Peace River region of BC only 5 minutes from Dawson Creek. Bear has 10 named runs accessible by its t-bar. The mountain has been in operation since 1959 providing a fantastic local experience to Peace River residents.

Bear Mountain Logo

Northern BC | Big Bam Ski Area

Bam is 20 minutes away from the city of Fort St. John. The hill has a a single lift tow line and 12 acres of skiable terrain making it the smallest on this list. Big Bam like many small local hills is fully supported by volunteers in the community.

Big Bam Logo

Northern BC | Hudson Bay Mountain Resort

Hudson Bay Resort is located 30 minutes up the mountain at Smithers, BC. There are a total of 31 named runs on the hill and 315 acres of skiable terrain. The resort was formally know as Ski Smithers. It is considered to have the best terrain park in Northern BC.

Northern BC | Little Mac Ski Hill

Little Mac is run by the town of Mackenzie which is located 2 hours north of Prince George. The ski hill has only 3 runs reached to by a tow rope. Little Mac unfortunately didn't open for the 2018/2019 season but overwhelming community support indicates it won't be long till it reopens.

Northern BC | Murray Ridge Ski Area

Murray Ridge is situated 2 hours north west of Prince George. The ski area has a total of 23 named runs distributed among the skiable terrain. The t-bar at Murray Ridge is both the longest and fastest in the entire world, it takes 12 minutes from the base of the hill to the peak.

Murray Ridge Logo

Northern BC | Powder King Mountain Resort

Powder King is a 2 hour 10 minute drive north of Prince George. The resort hosts 37 named runs and 1475 acres of skiable terrain. The majority of runs at Powder are named after Beatles songs. The mountain also has the reputation of the best snow quality in Canada and #3 in North America.

Powder King Logo

Northern BC | Shames Mountain Ski Area

Shames Ski Area is an hour and a half east of Prince Rupert and 35 minutes west of Terrace. Shames has 28 named runs and 141 acres of skiable terrain but 7800 acres of backcountry. The mountain is Canada's first community non-profit ski co-operative.

Shames Mountain Logo
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Thompson Okanagan | Apex Mountain Resort

Apex Resort is only 40 minutes from the city of Penticton. The resort hosts 79 named runs and 1112 acres of skiable terrain. In addition to great skiing and boarding, Apex has a popular 1 kilometre night lit skating path.

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Thompson Okanagan | Baldy Mountain Resort

Mount Baldy is 40 minutes east of Oliver, BC. The hill has 22 named runs and 600 acres of skiable terrain. Want to get some extra runs in at Baldy? Well the entire mountain resort is available to rent for private use!

Mount Baldy

Thompson Okanagan | Big White Ski Resort

Big White is 1 hour east of Kelowna. The resort has 119 named runs and 2765 acres of skiable terrain. Big Whites longest run, Around the World, is 7.2 kilometres long.

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Thompson Okanagan | Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

Crystal Ski Resort is 30 minutes west of Kelowna. Crystal was shut down in 2014 due to a chairlift malfunction that left four people injured. It is now in the planning phase to reopen as a four seasons, 7166 acre resort.

crystal_mountain logo

Thompson Okanagan | Harper Mountain Ski and Snowboard

Harper Mountain is only 30 minutes from Kamloops. It hosts 15 named runs and 400 acres of skiable terrain. Harper is a friendly locals hill with a log construction ski lodge, rental shop, and ski & snowboard lessons.

Harper Mountain Logo

Thompson Okanagan | Phoenix Mountain Ski Area

Phoenix is only 25 minutes away from Grand Forks. This little mountain hosts 16 named runs and 91 acres of skiable terrain. Phoenix has a hilarious end of season tradition called the Spring Fling Dummy Downhill.

Thompson Okanagan | SilverStar Mountain Resort

SilverStar is only a short 25 minute drive from the city of Vernon. On the mountain you will find 132 named runs and 3282 acres of skiable terrain. SilverStar has Canada's largest groomed cross country trails, 105 kilometres of trail!

SIlverStar Logo

Thompson Okanagan | Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks is only 50 minutes from neighbouring Kamloops. There are 137 named runs and 4270 acres of skiable terrain. Sun Peaks Resort is the second largest resort in British Columbia, only Whistler Blackcomb is bigger.

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Vancouver Island | Mount Cain Alpine Park

Mount Cain is 2 hours west of Campbell River. There are a total of 21 named runs on the mountain and 280 acres of skiable terrain. Mount Cain is a beloved locals hill with only t-bars and no chairlift.

Mount Cain

Vancouver Island | Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Mount Washington is a 3 hour drive from Victoria. The resort hosts 82 named runs and 1700 acres of skiable terrain. Interestingly the mountain is home to the one of the planets most endangered species, the Vancouver Island marmot.

Mount Washington