Covid19 & Vacation Rentals

The travel industry is hurting due to the growing travel fears of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). It is very likely you are dealing with many guest cancellations and concerns. The closure, suspension, and cancellation of major events, sport, and culture amenities diminish the value proposition of your listing. Sadly, the current environment is out of your hands and you must cope as best you can.

First and for most you should do everything in your power to minimize the risk to yourself, guests, and team.

Airbnb Cleaning Tips:

  • Thoroughly clean common services such as outlets, knobs, handles, cutlery, etc.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes within your property
  • When cleaning the property make sure to wear gloves and be extremely cautious
  • Alert guests to any outbreaks in your area

Dealing with Airbnb Guests:

  • Remind guests to be patient when dealing with Airbnb or VRBO support teams. Their support teams are extremely busy and hard to get a hold of at this time
  • Tell guests about the alternative things to do within your city such as exploring nature, walking throughout the city, or enjoying the amazing amenities within your property
  • Do not hesitate to enforce your cancellation policy but also be sympathetic


If you become alerted to a guest that becomes ill within your property and may be infected with Covid-19 the best thing to do is not go into the property for at least 72 hours this includes upcoming guests. 72 hours provides enough time for the virus to disappear from most surfaces. Even when entering the property make sure to be extremely cautious and wear protective gloves.