2021 | Top 10 Best Vacation Rental Host Blogs

Looking for fantastic tips, insights, and strategies to grow your short-term rental business? Are you getting started and want to learn how to get going, what to expect, how to succeed?

The vacation rental industry has no shortage of fantastic resources for property managers, hosts, and newbies. Here are a few great blogs that we read religiously to help us be one of the top vacation rental management companies. These blogs are fantastic resources for the Airbnb host, Airbnb property managers, and data-minded.

This list of The Best Vacation Rental Blogs is not in any particular order.

Best Vacation Rental Blogs For Airbnb Hosts

igms logo
Get Paid For Your Pad

If you’re managing an Airbnb these are the best blogs for you. When I got started in 2014, I wish I knew about these resources, it would have saved me from a lot of easily avoided mistakes.


If you’re getting started or want some great tips to improve your Airbnb the IGMS blog is truly a great place to start. It’s one of my continued favorites! IGMS posts new content regularly covering everything you could think about Airbnb hosting including some you probably couldn’t.

2. Lodgify

The Lodgify blog is full of hundreds of Airbnb hosting articles to help the small operator. It’s an extensive catalog of content ranging in topics such as photography, accounting, cancellation policies, and everything else.

3. Get Paid For Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers is an expert in the short-term rental industry. His blog Get Paid For Your Pad is a great resource for new ideas, expert opinion, and actionable tips. He also hosts a podcast for STR guests and provides space for guest blogs such as our own featured article “7 Profitable Ways to Grow Your Direct Booking Website.”

4. Airbnb

Sometimes it best to go straight to the source! The Airbnb blog is a fantastic source of tips, community stories, and Airbnb updates. It covers both Airbnb hosting and experiences. It’s a beautifully designed blog but has sacrificed some user-friendly aspects that make it difficult to navigate.

Best Vacation Rental Blogs For Property Managers

hostaway channel manager
Rentals United Logo

If you’re managing a few properties you will want to graduate to blogs touching on more in-depth topics such as strategy, growth, industry updates, and technology.

5. Hostaway

Hostaway is a leading vacation rental PMS and Channel Manager with a wealth of resources for vacation rental managers. The Hostaway blog provides insights into STR technology, strategies for growth, and industry trends. It extends to topics rarely discussed such as Zapier automation, rental arbitrage, VRBO SEO, and more.

6. VRMIntel

As a property manager, it’s important to stay updated, informed, and connected to the happenings of the industry. VRMintel is the best source for industry information and product releases. VRM monitors the big vacation rental players to keep the industry updated.

7. Rentals United

Rentals United is the leading channel manager in the industry. They have strong API connections to major OTAs and niche sites which gives the Rentals United blog a unique perspective. Rentals United also releases detailed white papers on the industry, competitors, and software.

8. Rentals Scale Up

The Rental Scale Up blog is a curation of expert opinion. In addition to in-house writers, they pull from the industry for expert opinion, industry trends, and actionable tips. The blog provides in-depth analysis into a wide range of vacation rental topics.

Best Vacation Rental Blogs For the Data-Minded

Beyond Pricing Logo

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of the numbers look no further than these blogs. AirDNA and Beyond Pricing are revenue management and data analytic companies focused on the STR industry.

9. AirDNA

AirDNA is Lifty Life’s go-to source for analytics and market research. They hold some of the most in-depth industry analytics and reflect this in the AirDNA blog, resources, and case studies. Their blog is a great research resource for property managers, investors, and academics.

10. Beyond Pricing

Focussed on revenue management and market analytics the Beyond Pricing blog is a great technical resource. Beyond Pricing is the leading revenue management software and reflects their expertise in their digital resources.

Bonus: The Lifty Life Blog

11. Lifty Life

Here at Lifty Life, we are avid bloggers! We provide hosting tips, market analysis focussed on BC & Alberta destinations, and destination marketing articles. We’ve been named one of the top vacation rental blogs by Padlifter.

  • Check out our market analysis and hosting tips here. We provide tips on vacation rental hosting that we’ve learned over our years of Airbnb management experience. Plus provide in-depth market analysis blogs that we use to attract new homeowners.