How to Brew Coffee While Camping 

Camping, the always popular outdoor recreational activity, is a great way to get away from your regular life and just enjoy days in the wild.

It takes time for camping enthusiasts to get accustomed to their new surroundings. So it is fair to say that most of them miss their regular coffee while on the campground. They usually rely on regular coffee makers which are not designed for outdoor use or instant coffee. But if you want to brew your favorite cup of joe while camping, there are some easy ways to do it like using a French press or instant coffee packets.

However, there are many other ways to brew coffee while camping, and we will share with you some of the easiest ways to brew coffee while camping!

enjoying coffee outdoors


  • Consider the size and weight of your coffee utensils and ingredients (particularly if backpacking)
  • Know well about your expected group size
  • Rehearse your speed (who’s the quickest coffee maker?)
  • Know easy cleanup methods

Now, to 5 of the best ways to make coffee while camping (proven!).

1. Brew Steeped Coffee or Specialty Instant Coffee

  • It will take you 30 seconds to 4 minutes (depending on your speed!)
  • What you’ll need is: instant coffee, a kettle, and water

It’s actually a good idea to carry instant coffee with you on a camping trip, despite the bad reputation. The beans of brewed coffee are used to produce instant coffee granules, which are also known as a coffee powder or coffee crystals. Travelers who are backpacking and want to reduce their weight and space often use instant coffee because it’s lightweight.

outdoor camping with coffee

2. Use A Coffee Bag

Best for those who want it the ‘easy way’!

The coffee bag is similar to a teabag in that it is a quick, convenient way to brew coffee when camping. Whether you buy them in stores or make them yourself, these bags are thrown in boiling water and steeped in order to make coffee.

It’s just that simple.

Their small size, ease to clean up, and no expertise is required for them to brew make them ideal for traveling.

These are the perfect coffees for those who cannot handle anything more complicated (although because the beans aren’t freshly ground, it is slightly better than average).

coffee bag

3. The Java Drip Portable Coffee System

When it comes to camping, convenience is key, and the Java Drip fills all the boxes – it’s lightweight, BPA-free, and unbreakable, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

The GSI JavaDrip ultralight coffee maker was designed for backpacking enthusiasts who wanted to drink great coffee outdoors without sacrificing weight or space in their backpack.

This little half-ounce brewer is made of nylon and plastic, so it can keep your drinks hot for weeks.

4. Cowboy Coffee Camping

The art of making cowboy coffee may be disappearing with today’s technology. Nevertheless, cowboy coffee is just as simple, if not more, than an instant for camping. To enjoy your next camping trip in true cowboy fashion, learn how to make this simple coffee!

  1. Start by establishing your heat source
  2. Fill your camping coffee maker with COLD water
  3. Stir in 1 heaping tablespoon of coarse ground coffee per 1 12 cups of water
  4. Apply heat until the desired brewing temperature is achieved.
  5. Remove from heat, add a shot of cold water, and allow the grounds to settle
  6. Pour and enjoy!
coffee by the fire

5. Use Single Serve Filters

Purchase a single-serve filter to achieve the portability of the MacGyver method. 

One of the easiest filters to carry on this list is Presuma’s single-serve filter, since it lies flat when not in use. Others require a little more space. Whenever you’re backpacking, this is probably the best way to brew coffee. 

Use a pour-over method with this filter. Put the coffee grounds in the filter first. When the water is boiling, let it cool for a few minutes until it is only slightly warm but not boiling. Once the water is warm, slowly pour it over the grounds. Allow the coffee to bloom for a bit before adding the remaining water. 

Pour the remaining liquid and coffee oils into the filter and lift it above your cup for an extra burst of flavor. Enjoy right away.

pouring into coffee filter

Overall, here’s the answer to the million-dollar question: how do you make coffee while camping? Ready? 

The easiest way to enjoy decent coffee before hiking is to pack along a few instant coffee packs – and a way to heat the water.

You might also consider the collapsible pour-over filter we mentioned above if you like to adjust the brewing process. 

The only thing you’ll miss while camping is your hot shower, but fortunately not your coffee. Whatever your travel circumstances may be, you can still prepare fresh, hot coffee every day, whether you’re backpacking in Vancouver, sleeping on the side of a mountain, or glamping in an RV.

When you’re feeling adventurous, consider one of these easy methods to brew coffee while camping!