Top Whistler Nightlife Hacks

Local’s Guide to Partying in Whistler, BC

If you and your friends are planning a sloppy weekend of beer pong, jagerbombs, and sleepless nights then this article might just be exactly what you need. Nightlife in Whistler is like no other, thousands of young people frequent the bar scene every weekend in hopes of dancing the night away, meeting new people, and creating memories that will be wiped clean by sunrise. The outrageous debauchery that exists in this small ski town is difficult to comprehend until you witness it for yourself.

The Best Whistler Nightclub Everyday of the Week

Each nightclub owns a certain night of the week and that venue throws it down. Knowing which venue to be at on the right day is crucial to ensuring your night out is one for the books. Most clubs stick to a unique theme each night whether that’s from glow parties to skate nights.

FVCK Mondays at Maxx Fish

Maxx Fish Mondays, aka FVCK Monday or MDMA Monday, is bumpin’ every week. This club may be the smallest, but it knows how to throw down a great party. The infamous DJ, Fidel Cashflow, gets the crowds jumping with the latest beats every week.

Your Monday nights will never be the same!

Tommy Tuesdays at Tommy’s

Formerly known as Tommy Africas, this nightclub has undergone extensive renovations and is now an upscale + modern club. You will need to dress smart-casual and try one of their amazing new handcrafted cocktails.

If you’re looking for something super unique, every year Tommy’s throws a crazy foam party, give them a call and inquire about when you can expect another foam night!

$10 Handcrafted Cocktails during Happy Hour!

tommy's nightclub whistler

Wednesday Industry Night at Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills is easily one of the best and most underrated nightclubs in Whistler. Every Wednesday they throw a sick party with wing eating contests, snowboard & skateboard giveaways, Vegas rule pool tournaments – the whole shebang.

They also host a billiards competition every week and the winner receives a generous bar tab!

50% off the entire food menu! (Mmm.. Wings)

Thursday Locals Night at Garfinkels

The biggest, baddest, most insane party is every Thursday at Garfinkels. The club fills up early and rages for hours into the night. The club hosts an indoor skate competition every week with ramps and awesome prizes.

The skate competition starts at 8pm!

garfinkels nightclub in whistler

Friday Frawls at Maxx Fish

A great way to start the weekend with cheap drink specials and free cover Whistler Locals. DJ C-stylez takes the stage with upbeat electro hip hop and many classic club bangers.

Special Treatment for Whistler Blackcomb Staff!

Club Crawls on Saturday

Every nightclub in town should be rocking and you can easily bounce between a couple different venues. Saturday is the busiest night in town so be sure to get your stamps early!

Get your tickets outside of Garfinkels!

Sunday Glow Party at MoeJoes

The perfect way to end your week is at MoeJoes getting your glow on! Drop by in everything neon and dance the night away with all your flashy friends. Be prepared to wait as the lineup can get very long for this venue on long weekends.

Every year MoeJoes hosts a beach party inside their club!

moe joes glow party whistler

Advanced Whistler Nightlife Hacks

After spending many nights partying into the wee hours of the morning we have developed an in-depth list of the top nightlife hacks that can drastically reduce the cost of your night out while simultaneously making it the best night of your life. Each one of the hacks mentioned in this article have been tested and proven to work with a high degree of success.

The Whistler Nightlife Setup

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Every time you plan to go out drinking you should setup yourself up to succeed. Make sure you eat a lot of food and drink plenty of water leading up to the pre-drinking stage. Drinking with an empty stomach can cause the alcohol to enter your bloodstream faster and cause you to get drunk quicker. While this might be appealing to the broke college student trying to get drunk off one Hey Ya’ll, nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to look after you before they even arrive at the club.

  • Eat Healthy Fats
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Stash a few beers in the bushes (Bush Beer Hack)
  • Eat a Meal Before Pre-Drinking

Pre-Drink for Whistler’s Nightlife

Drop by one of the seven liquor stores and stock up on beer, wine, and hards. The money you can save by pre-drinking is one of the easiest cost savings hacks you can deploy in Whistler. Pro Tip: Branded BC liquor stores are cheaper than private stores. FYI you cannot buy alcohol in grocery stores in Canada.

  • BCL in the Main Village Square across from the Araxi and Rexall
  • BCL in the parking lot of Fresh St. Market and McDonalds near the Olympic Rings
  • BCL in Creekside just below the Creekside Market
  • Several other private liquor stores in Upper Village and Creekside

Whistler Bar Hop

One of the best ways to experience Whistler’s nightlife is by forking out the cash and buying tickets for Bar Hop Whistler. The event starts at 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights at Longhorn Saloon. They jampack the night with 4+ venues, free pizza, 4-6 drink tickets, free cover and guestlist access. You can often see promoters selling tickets outside Garfinkels during the day. Buy your tickets from these promoters and negotiate the prices and drink tickets. The more people in your group the better the deal you will get especially if most of the group are females. This is a great option for bachelor and bachelorette parties. You will inevitably end up partying with many soon-to-be-married men and women.

Expect the group to be between 50-150 good looking people (sometimes) ready to have a great time! The Bar Hop is by far the easiest way to make a ton of new friends and get a few new contacts in the phone (wink, wink).

Free Cover in Whistler

For those not interested in paying for the Bar Hop we’ve compiled a few tricks to get free cover, skip lines and get full VIP treatment. Typically the nightclubs start charging for cover around 9:30PM. This means your best strategy is to get to the club early, get a stamp and leave immediately. Now that your whole group has their stamps you can get in free anytime and use the quicker guestlist lineup when you return.

If your group doesn’t like free cover, but also doesn’t want to pay cover than go to Domino’s Pizza on Main Street. Order a large pizza (not Hawaiian) To Go. Offer the pizza to the doorman saying that you and your group of friends want to offer them a pizza if you can get in free and skip the lines. This trick has a very high success rate!

Getting Ready for your Night Out in Whistler

The pre-drinks have been poured and everyone is preparing for the night. What are the must haves (or have nots)?

  • Leave your jacket at home (Why pay for coat check? PS. You might be cold..)
  • Bring your purse/wallet with only the essentials (two pieces of ID)
  • Leave the heels at home
  • Bring enough cash for the whole night
  • Bring a road pop for the walk to the club (Technically illegal so be discrete)

Arriving at the Whistler Club

So you and your drunk friends have just arrived to the club, you have your stamps and your ready to party underground. Here are a few tips you should know to get hook ups and quick drinks.

  • Pay with cash
  • Stand in front of the bar well with cash in hand
  • Know exactly what you want to order
  • Speak loud and clear
  • Tip the bartender well the first time
  • Always use the same bartender

Whistler Clubs at Closing Time

The lights flick on, the music comes to a gut-wrenching hault and the bar manager tells you to get #@$% out. But you and your friends are having a blast and want to continue the night. What do you do?

Well, if you followed this guide properly you should have stashed a few bush beers outside the nightclub. These extra beers are the perfect way to end the night, cheers!

If you enjoy laughing at the demise of others than sit back, have a cold bush beer and watch all the drunken debauchery unfold while the ladies try walking in icy conditions in 6-inch heels and the men embarrassingly get rejected.

It is probably worth mentioning all nightclubs and bars are closed by 2:00AM. But that doesn’t mean other establishments are not open.

Late Night Food Options:

  • Avalanche Pizza (Till 3:00AM)
  • Fat Tony’s Pizza (Till 3:00AM)
  • Domino’s Pizza (Till 3:00AM)
  • McDonalds (24/7)

Whistler Nightlife TL;DR

How do I get free Cover?

In order to get free cover at the nightclubs in Whistler make sure you show up and get a stamp before 9:30PM. Of course, bribes also work so check out our Domino’s Pizza hack to get you and your friends in for free!

How much are drinks in Whistler Nightclubs?

Of course it depends on the venue, but most nightclubs offer drink specials starting at $4.50. If you’re trying to get drunk for cheap check out our Bush Beer hack. Every venue offers bottle service so you could end up spending thousands of dollars if you had the budget to do so.

What is the legal Drinking age in Whistler, BC?

The legal drinking age in Whistler, BC is the same as the rest of the province – 19. You will need two pieces of identification to be allowed entry into all of the nightclubs (Driver’s License and Visa would suffice).