Plan your Next Staycation in BC

It’s no surprise everyone is getting a little stir crazy. Being locked in our homes for weeks with no definitive date of the crisis being over would put anyone over the edge. If you’re like me than you need a vacation, quick! But even after the crisis ends travelers should still stay wary. Just because the lockdown is lifted doesn’t mean the danger has passed, especially in other parts of the world.

What should you do once social distancing is lifted? Consider a staycation in BC and support your local tourism towns. After all they don’t call it Beautiful BC for nothing!

BC’s tourism economy has been hard hit and needs your support. Consider making your next vacation a staycation. Visit some of BC’s amazing beautiful summer destinations. Not only will you have an amazing time!

  • You will save money,
  • support the local economy,
  • and minimize the risk of further coronavirus spread through our Province

Use this time in isolation to book you next vacation! Below are some amazing destination suggestions for your next adventure.


No need to leave BC for your next beach vacation! Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the surfing community to prove it! Head over to Tofino to enjoy one of best summer destinations in BC or the lesser known but equally amazing Ucluelet.

While you’re at it why not tour the entire Island! There are so many amazing towns scattered throughout the island like Sooke, Parksville, and Port Hardy.

Whistler and the Sea to Sky

This might be news to some, but Whistler isn’t just a ski town. It offers a plethora of family-fun activities. Summers in Whistler are some of the most amazing you’ll have. Whistler has four lakes and the best nightlife in BC! But why only visit Whistler?

Spend some time exploring Squamish and Pemberton! Squamish isn’t called the outdoor capital of Canada for nothing! Go to Pemberton and have your jaw drop looking at the Currie. Even better do it from a sky with a paragliding tour!

While you’re at it why not tour the entire Island! There are so many amazing towns scattered throughout the island like Sooke, Parksville, and Port Hardy.

The Okanagan

Lake life? Yes please! You can’t experience a staycation in BC without visiting the Okanagan. Use this summer to boat, paddle, swim, and float in the amazing lakes of the Okanagan. While you’re at it drink some of the best wine you’ve ever had at one of the many Kelowna wineries!

I suggest checking out the entire Okanagan! Osoyoos, Summerland, Kelowna, Vernon and everything in between.

The Kootenays and Rockies

If you want a real adventure pack up the vehicle and make the drive to the Kootenays. You won’t regret it! The mountains in the Rockies will blow your mind. The small town life spread throughout the Kootenays is so peaceful and fantastic! Check out the towns of Rossland, Nelson, Kimberley, and Fernie!

While you’re out that way don’t forget to head to our Albertan neighbours. Little has to be said about the beauty of Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper.

If you’re looking for some help planning your next trip reach out to the team at We would be happy to prove how amazing our province truly is! There are so many truly breathtaking places in BC that our team would love to tell you about.

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