Places to Eat in Kelowna | Top 10

Did you know the country that’s internationally recognized for vineyards and wineries is also famous for some of the best places to eat?

Yes! Located in British Columbia’s wine country, Kelowna lies along Okanagan Lake’s beautiful eastern shore. In this tranquil city, visitors from all over come to explore picturesque sights, a variety of outdoor activities, and a deep-rooted food & wine culture sure to impress.

The restaurants in Kelowna are diverse, from casual pubs and street cafes to upscale steakhouses and lakeside bistros. You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines, and the cuisine has a good balance between diversity and tradition.

Foodies, rejoice! We’ve compiled a list of top 10 places to eat in Kelowna you should not miss if you are still wondering if you should visit.

1. Bouchons

If you are someone who’s looking for a complete Parisian treat, then Bouchons is the right place for you. Bouchons, Kelowna’s only French restaurant, maintains a classy appearance on the outside, on the inside, and in every dish it provides.

Located in Kelowna’s cultural district, Bouchons is an elegant French Bistro that opened 15 years ago. There is only a walking distance between this hotel and the Delta Grand Hotel, the Kelowna Community Theatre, Prosper Place, and the most popular art galleries. So, if you are on a tour around Kelowna ticking off your things-to-do list, then hop in for a French treat anytime!

With products from local farms and producers, Bouchons provides traditional French food in a casually elegant environment reminiscent of a bistro in Paris. And the best part of all is that it has a weekly prix fixe menu!

2. Okanagan Street Food

Originally a food truck, Okanagan Street Food is owned by Chef Neil Schroeter, who moved to Kelowna from Summerland after working at a winery for several years.

Our top recommendations from the extensive menu at Okanagan Street Food restaurant are the seared fish taco or the Market Breakfast Wrap.

The Okanagan Street Food also features a variety of delicious breakfast and lunch items. This is the place you should stop if you’re hungry and want generous portions just bursting with flavor.

Having won the Best Fish Tacos Ever Award, their Seared Fish Tacos come with melt-in-your-mouth goodness that you simply must try. Besides the Pulled Pork Sandwich, another must-have is the Fried Chicken Sandwich. Don’t forget to order some fries with their homemade blackberry ketchup. We can assure you, you’ll be back.

3. Bohemian Cafe & Catering Co.

A laid-back atmosphere and colorful decorations distinguish Bohemian Cafe from other local restaurants. Veggies will love this restaurant since it serves home-style meals for breakfast and lunch! Try the mango chutney turkey salad for lunch; and for breakfast, the BC Benedict: poached free-run eggs over hollandaise sauce with wild Nanuk sockeye salmon.

With reasonable services and catering provided, we are certain that you’ll make Bohemian Cafe your go-to spot for family outings and events!

4. Waterfront Wines Restaurant

With a selection of outstanding wines to go along with their comfort food, Waterfront Wines reinvents classic comfort food with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant’s menu is crafted by Mark Filatow, a chef and sommelier whose expertise is evident in every part of the menu. Fish is sourced from Codfather Seafood Market and prime cuts are from Wild Moon Organics, while the cocktails include fresh juices and herbs.

As an open-concept interior, Waterfront features oak walls that honor the restaurant’s wine focus along with a Douglas fir bar and cinder block walls that line the interior walls. Whether you want to eat or just scroll through their menu, Waterfront Wines is a must-visit place in Kelowna. Why do we say so? Because we are sure you cannot just visit the Waterfront and not try their delectable menu!

5. The Fixx Pasta Bar & Cafe

If you are looking for Italian food at a budget-friendly price, check out The Fixx. Outstanding food, prepared with precision, beautifully presented, and as fresh and flavorful as possible. There is always friendly and helpful staff at The Fixx, as well as great customer service.

However, as The Fixx is a very popular cafe, you may want to book in advance! Don’t take that as a minus, because pre-booking is not that difficult, and you’re sure to see it’s all worthwhile!

The highly recommended dish at The Fixx is their pasta which is traditionally made by hand and prepared on-site. Apart from it, a must-try is the pasta alfredo, with its outstanding creamy sauce and garlic, as well as the West Coast scallop linguine. Besides, we also highly recommend their fresh Spinach and Gold Beet Salad and their Famous Fixx Key Lime Pie for dessert.

6. KRAFTY Kitchen + Bar

KRAFTY Kitchen uses only the best Okanagan ingredients out of the many restaurants in Kelowna. We call it a farm-to-table restaurant, with no second thoughts!

The restaurant offers snazzy brunch, lunch, and dinner options in a casual atmosphere, and is a must-visit for any foodie. Also, did we mention that the bartender makes a tasty Caesar? Yes! Krusty’s “Not So Common” Caesar may be made from the usual ingredients with a dash of pickle juice, but you get to pick the toppings, making it a true choice adventure.

If you want to add something extra special, top it with a burger, fried chicken, or pancakes and eggs.

7. Salt & Brick

As featured on Food Network’s Big Food Bucket List, Salt & Brick is a must-try for all foodies with an excellent bucket list!

The Salt & Brick restaurant is located on Bernard Avenue, the heart of downtown Kelowna. This restaurant’s menu changes daily so you can try a variety of different dishes. You got it! A new share plate is created every day and paired with the longest wine list you may have ever seen. This incredible wine list boasts over 100 local wines. Also, if you like to see your food being prepared, you can peek into the open kitchen from a cozy bar. It’s totally a sport to watch!

Since the menu is constantly changing, you can expect everything here to be shared. Some of the must-try dishes in Kelowna are at Salt & Brick, so if you are visiting it, look out for the following at this restaurant:

  • Lobster Mac & Cheese, topped with lobster chunks and Cheetos
  • Chicken Waffle Sandwich
  • Lamb with Brussels sprouts
  • Slow-cooked brisket.

Also, we must urge you, don’t miss out on their staple pickled carrots for a starter!

8. The Jammery

You can find a restaurant, jam-making facility, and gift shop here at the same time! Jammery in Kelowna is a great spot for those who are in the mood for something sweet. Offering all-day breakfast as well as lunch beginning at 11:00, this cute spot is a great place to enjoy a leisurely brunch before you begin the day.

Our recommendation is to try the Chorizo Toss, which is composed of cooked chorizo sausage, onions, peppers, oven-roasted hash browns, scrambled eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Looking for lunch? We recommend a Big Boy Toasted Rueben Sandwich!

Blueberry-filled or original waffles with strawberry or berry sauce on the side are perfect for those craving a sweet treat! These waffles were very fluffy and delicious. Also, they come with whip cream on the side.

You can spend your waiting time browsing through the super cute gift shop while you wait for a table. Don’t forget to grab some jams while you’re there.

It is recommended that you make a reservation or arrive earlier than you would like to eat at the Jammery during brunch hours since it can get quite busy. Nonetheless, it is worth the wait!

9. Raudz Regional Table

With a strong commitment to supporting local businesses and eating locally, Raudz offers outstanding upscale dining in Kelowna!

The restaurant has officially established itself as a culinary leader. In addition to offering a wide selection of Canadian spirits, the restaurant’s ingredients are locally sourced. Well, not just eating for pleasure, but Raudz is the go-to place in Kelowna for all sorts of celebrations!

This popular restaurant serves a delicious crab soup made from roasted dungaree crabs frothed with milk. The Crab Cappuccino is one of their standout dishes. Additionally, they serve their Parmesan Gnocchi in a pan, which is a work of art! With gnocchi, broccoli pesto, smoked cheddar sauce, and the perfect charcuterie crumb, this dish is a culinary delight.

If you are visiting Raudz with a group of friends or your family, then a must-try for you is the Charcuterie Board.

10. Home Block Restaurant

Finally, a cherry on top of our short-list is Home Block! This massive restaurant is a complete delight for You’ll find a dedicated restaurant called Home Block open year-round, unlike its previous and weather permitting predecessor. With sweeping views from large windows and high ceilings, you’ll want to sit outside for hours no matter what the weather is like.

Home Block, as the name says, is surely a cozy place to eat. There’s no question that sitting by the fire pit to drink wine and enjoy a view of the Okanagan Lake and vineyard will be a luxury that’s affordable.

At Home Block, the food menu changes seasonally, but it has a limited selection that is all delicious! The restaurant’s highly recommended dishes include their burrata with prosciutto and toasted focaccia, fried chicken burger, and sticky toffee pudding that you’ll still crave even after months!